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Uncut Designs

How do we wear our handmade textiles without cutting them and sacrificing their original value?

It has been my long-time goal, to make clothes out of beautiful traditional textiles. But the more I do this now, the more difficult it is to work with limited one-of-a-kind pieces because they are too valuable to cut... but how can I create uncut designs which are not just your typical wrap sarongs?

So... this is an ongoing project which I will continue to develop under the name #uncuttextiles and #wastratanpapotong.

The objective is to create zero waste everyday clothing using one-of-a-kind textiles which can be transformed back into their original value when it's done with its function as a piece of clothing. It can be unsewn back into a scarf/sarong or redesigned into another fashion piece, therefore prolonging its life cycle. Some don't even need sewing at all, it is just a matter of styling, wrapping, and tying. This also gives inspiration to the consumers on how to wear these creatively, hoping within time, handmade non "mass-produced" traditional textiles gain more popularity. 

Most of the exact designs here are sold out but I still keep these photos visible for you to see the possibilities that we can do with uncut textiles. Please ask us for the available textiles that you wish to make into one of these designs. Or go to this link.