Sewing has been a passionate hobby for me since the age of 8, and I have always loved ethnic inspirations. After studying Product Design, and working in the fields of garment and jewelry industry for many years, I eventually established my own company that produced ethnic-style uniforms for Bali’s hotels and restaurants. From there I learned the great potentials of local inspiration combined with functionality. 

My first brand Indische was first launched in 2008 and has now become a brand which specializes in ready-to-wear Kebaya, dedicated to preserve the traditional heritage while fulfilling the needs of the modern Indonesian woman.

9 years later, in 2017 I felt the need to design something more contemporary and wearable for the global market while still promoting handmade embroidery and traditional textiles. So here is my second brand under my own name Rengganis: a fresh take on slow fashion.