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Sarong Tutorials

These are my tutorials for wearing traditional textiles as sarongs. There are 3 categories : Uncut Fabric (and not sewn at all, just wrapped), Uncut Ready-To-Wear (sewn to individual size, but still keeps the textile's original value without cutting), and last is Ready-To-Wear (cut and sewn to individual size).

The textiles used in there videos are probably sold out but you can contact us to find out which other fabrics are available and appropriate for the style you like. You can also send us your own collection of textiles for us to sew. 



Style #1 Uncut Batik in Short Drape + Bouquet Obi Belt

Here’s an advanced way to style your batik. Uncut and unsewn, it’s just a matter of wrapping, draping and tying. Then add any obi belt that suits your character best!