Collection: Shore


Although I have settled back in my hometown Bandung, I still cannot forget the best moments in my life while living in Bali for 8 years. This collection is a tribute to "island living" through my interpretation : a life of vacation + work + traveling. Everyday I used to meet clients/colleagues most often at a resort or beach side cafe. I would need outfits that are practical for traveling, comfortable for tropical weather, while looking professional and representing the Indonesian culture. 

A mix between resortwear and summer careerwear is the direction of this collection, while consistently promoting hand embroidery and traditional textiles. As usual, my collection is dominated by embroidered cotton, and this time it is accented with one-of-a-kind Baduy and Sikka handweavings, stamped and handdrawn batik from Pekalongan, which are all naturally dyed.