Collection: Passage to Spice Island

Passage To Spice Island

The wealth of spice plants in the Indonesian Archipelago allured many Portuguese explorers back in the 16th century. Now imagine if the explorer was a fashionable woman! Her style would probably be a mix of Portuguese folk costume and safari-inspired travel wear.

Therefore this Ready-To-Wear collection presents Bohemian style (maxi skirt, puffed sleeves, ruffles, floral embroidery), but simplified and accented with safari-style details such as cargo pockets on khaki linen pants and jackets. As usual, I consistently promote hand embroidery and traditional textiles of Indonesia. So this time the embroidery is inspired by various exotic spice plants such as nutmeg, pepper, star anise, turmeric, cinnamon and clove, which is combined with hand-drawn, naturally dyed batik from Bayat, Central Java. The materials used are all cotton, linen, and rayon with a neutral color scheme. Intricate details, familiar silhouettes, neutral colors, and ultra-comfortable materials bring Indonesian contemporary ethnic to a more universal taste.