Collection: Indonesian Traditional Textiles

Indonesian Traditional Textiles

The uniqueness about handmade traditional textiles is that they are all one-of-a-kind, in other words, none are the same. I post here my collection of batik, hand weavings, or whatever comes to my hands from artisans all over Indonesia. Some I get directly from the artisans, and others I get from resellers and even collectors. I try to get as much information as possible about each piece, but to be honest, some which I find in traditional markets or resellers are untraceable but I just have to buy them purely because of their beauty. 

I often feel that textiles of this level of workmanship have their own sense of belonging. They come to whoever they choose if they want to be found. Hopefully, through this display, I can help them find their rightful owners, who purchase for the love of Indonesian craftsmanship, culture, or just fashion. 

Click each photo for details and you can zoom in, too. All of these pieces can be bought as fabric (batik/tenun “lepas” or “sarong”) or sewn into uncut sarongs or whichever style you prefer, please consult with us for the options and sewing fees.

Some of the textiles here are sold out but I still keep them here for you to see and if there is one you like, please ask us if we have similar pieces at our artisans/suppliers.