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Mega Mendung Scarf

Mega Mendung Scarf

Regular price 595.000

This cloud motif which originally came from China entered Indonesia hundreds of years ago, and was adapted by batik artists which soon became popular specifically in Cirebon, Java. “Mega” in Indonesian language means cloud and “Mendung” means overcast weather, symbolising an old philosophy about keeping patience and peace over anger.

These scarves are hand embroidered on 100% linen using a special technique resulting in a similar quality of embroidery on both sides, unlike the common computerised embroidery.

These can be worn on the neck, head, and waist, and can be ordered in customised size.

Colors of linen may vary depending on fabric availability. We will confirm the details prior to every order. 

25 x 175 cm, 100% Linen

Made to order, delivery time 2-4 weeks excluding shipping time.

Contact us by email rengganis.info@gmail.com or Whatsapp +62-81802231222 for further questions.