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Design Your Own Kebaya Workshop

During my major event of a retail exhibition, trunk show and workshops all in one - “Handmade In Indonesia, Boundless Inspiration” - at Alun Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, I held a “Design Your Own Kebaya Workshop” for the first time. It may look like just a fun weekend activity for ladies with artistic curiosity, but for me there is something else far more important. As a part of the general goal to increase the public’s appreciation towards traditional textiles and the Kebaya culture, this particular workshop gives me a chance to actually experiment on facilitating people to create their own version of the Kebaya according to their taste. What does this mean? Well… it means, if I can do this more often, and preferrably for the younger generation, I can actually facilitate them to express their individuality in the form of a wearable Kebaya. For the new generation, the Kebaya can be their media, and the motifs they design will definitely represent how the Kebaya culture can actually move forward following trends of modern time.

So… if I can do another workshop, but this time with creative teenagers or young artists, can you imagine the possibilities?! I am really hoping the opportunity comes up soon!

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