Indonesian Culinary & Fashion Delights 2015, Fashion Show at Lisbon Portugal

Indonesian Culinary & Fashion Delights 2015, Fashion Show at Lisbon Portugal

Created by the the Indonesian Embassy of Lisbon, Portugal, this event was meant to promote the culture of Indonesia, in a new way other than the usual "evening of traditional food and dances". They wanted to present something more relevant.

Introduction to Helianti Hilman's amazing Javara Indigenous Indonesia's finest artisanal & heritage food products and live demo of Chef Rahung Nasution's cooking is hoped to inspire, and actually make it possible for people abroad to make Indonesian inspired cuisines.

The culinary experience was also supported by a vast menu of delicious traditional homecooking by the Indonesian community in Lisbon, and each menu is personally served in "warung style" and ingredients are explained to every guest.

Whereas Indische was presented to show people how Indonesia's signature design and craftsmanship can actually be transformed into something wearable by everyone, starting from the casual kebaya to contemporary summerwear.

I think it is a smart concept that should be perfected and adapted into Indonesia's other cultural missions around the world, because the potentials are widened towards possible trade rather than only introducing the culture.

Bravo to the amazing team of our embassy staff at Lisbon especially Pak Pof Yusuf who passionately went beyond his duties to make this happen. I hope we can collaborate again in the future!!

And thanks to the models who were actually university students who volunteered for this event. You are gorgeous!

Necklaces supported by Glue Indonesia by Grace Indira Patty.
Earrings supported by Trapart by Nunun Tjondro
Makeup by Ana Delgado
Balinese Gamelan by the Portuguese group Bateria


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