How to Wear Kecak

How to Wear Kecak

I designed the "Kecak" based on the common diaper pants you can find in many places like Bali and Thailand, but modified it with extra pleats for a unique look. I named it "Kecak" only because it looks like a casual knee-length sarong but is able to be worn safely with your legs wide open, like when dancing the Kecak (a very dynamic traditional Balinese dance).

For everyone who gets confused about how to wear our signature "Kecak" style diaper pants, here's how you do it.
1. The end with the label goes on the back side
2. Tie front side to the back, then back side to the front
3. Wear with a simple top, body-fitting style is better
4. Be confident and don't worry about your bum looking large because of the bulky pleats. That's what makes it cool and that's why it has to be balanced with the simple body-fitting top!



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