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Cloudy, overcast weather, a mood of confusion between stillness and storm. Like what humans feel today, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. But yes, we can find warmth and comfort. This is why I call my new collection “RETREAT”. A place one goes for peace.

My 2 statement pieces are a hoodie and sweater made of 100% cotton fleece. Dominated by greys representing a gloomy mood, oversized silhouettes and soft, thick materials for warmth, and embroidered accents in houseplant motifs such as the Monstera, because gardening has been a refuge for those confined at home. For two of my first shows this year, I am using 2 different color schemes : indigo blues and earthy tones. The first one uses a combination of knit misty greys with blue denim and handwoven “Tenun Gedog” from Tuban, in handdrawn Batik (tulis) and indigo natural dye. The second uses other traditional textiles such as Balinese Endek, naturally dyed Suat Samata from Baduy, naturally dyed Pahikung Sumba, and “Tenun Bulu” from Troso. All are 100% Cotton.

As a designer who consistently promotes local strength in hand embroidery and textiles, I once again prove that traditional heritage can withstand trends from year to year. Even though ethnic design has become mainstream, this particular collection is quite different.